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Barry Roubaix 2016

So last year I flew out to Michigan for a gravel road race called Barry Roubaix after the guys at Greenware convinced me to come out. It was 10degrees for the entire day and I raced in a thermal base layer, LS jersey and a thermal jacket and didn’t overheat. I had so much fun that I had to put it on the calendar again for 2016. This year was the complete opposite and was 75 and sunny!

The race is now in its 8th year and running strong. With 3 distance options and over 3500 participants, it’s the largest in the country! The promoters do a great job and put on a top notch event. I highly recommend making the trip up here. Barry County fully embraces the event and has every turn on the routes marked with permanent street signs. We need more embracing a big events like this around the country!!!

This year the pace was crazy fast; we raced 62mi in 2:50ish. The roads were recently grated so it was a workout just to keep the bike in a straight line, super sandy at times and generally a softer surface than the previous year. I made the selection as the front group was down to about 15 guys inside of 20 miles out. But the wheels came off with about 8mi to go and I couldn’t really push it much further. Had a blast and came across the line in 11th. Was definitely hoping for a better number next my name but am excited with how everything is progressing. It’s still early into spring time and there plenty of pedaling still to be had!

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