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The All American Flapjack Ride

After completing and surviving the 2016 edition of The Belgian Waffle I was so stoked on the route and how the whole thing went down that it inspired me to put together a ride that had a similar flare to it around my neck of the woods. After some careful planning and lots of time scouting on Strava I made it happen. 80mi and 9k feet of elevation. Roughly 55miles of pavement, 15 of dirt roads and 10 of single track.

To pay homage to the name of the ride but with a new spin I named it the All American Flapjack ride but there were no flapjacks to be had prior. I was pretty fired up to be able to put together an epic route that has never been done before (not totally sure on that fact but pretty positive).

It surprising took a bit longer than expected creeping close to 6.5hrs ride time, but all good, it was sunny degrees and smiles all around! We charged hard, refueled at the gas stations and kept charging. Only one flat tire and one cracked soul of a rider. As we rode along this one single track sector, we crossed paths with a fellow who looked bewilder and quickly blurted out “You guys are on the wrong bikes!”…yes mission accomplished!! It’s pretty awesome to adventure of the beaten path and get creative with your routes!

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