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SRAM Open The Road with #eTap

This extended weekend has been action packed with the Tour of California rolling through town. As part of the TOC in South Lake Tahoe and in Folsom, I was able to get out and help the SRAM posse with 2 of their Open The Road events. Both were highlighting their new eTap and Zipp NSW products.

The South Lake ride was awesome, 51mi and 5k of climbing and covered some of the most scenic views in Tahoe. We climbed from lake level up and over Spooner Summit crossing over into Nevada. Then headed south through Genoa past the country’s oldest “Thirst Parlor”. All before climbing back up Kingsbury grade and into Tahoe. We motored through town as hard as we could to get to the finish line at Heavenly before the races finished and were able to enjoy some of the VIP amenities.

On Friday we had the same event but down in Folsom which was really cool because we covered roads I get to ride all the time. Showing people around and giving them a taste of the local scene. It’s awesome to see people come from around the country to see the tour and ride new products.

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