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Off to Euroland for Some MTB Action

So I hopped on a small plane to SF to take a bigger plane to Chicago to take an even bigger plane to Munich.

Just about missed my flight to Munich because as we were on approach there was a bird strike on the same runway a few planes ahead of us. We’re just about on the ground and all of the sudden we’re headed back up and making another loop for landing…. We landed at 5:55 and my connecting flight took off at 6:10.

I sprinted though O’Hare like a total a**hole. (Sorry bout that, but had to get somewhere quick) and got to the gate right after the boarding door closed…. Luckily the dude in charge was cool and we did some finagling to get me on the plane.

Flight across was solid.

Landed in Munich and jammed down to South Tyrol, Italy in this SICK like Mercedes GLA AMG 45. Got to love German Engineering! 230kph on the AutoBahn!!!!!!!!

I was feeling pretty smoked when we got here but a little afternoon ride helped reawaken me from the fog! The crew here from Enduro Bike Mag is awesome! The riding is unbelievable and the Italian Food….ohh man is it tasty!! Going to be a blast of a weekend. Plenty More to Come.

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