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Tour de West Coast!

It's been an action packed 48 hours, starting off with The Blitz in Bend, Or.

(Side Note - on Tuesday morning I went out for an casual course pre-ride and ended up crashing and taking a pretty hard hit to my wrist. I was unsure on how racing would go based on that I could barely put pressure on my wrist that evening. I ended up going to see the guys at Rebound Physical Therapy in town and they made some magic happen. After 2 sessions and a good taping, I was stoked to feel nearly nothing come race time.)

The Blitz is the best night of racing! The course is super unique, there's a big payout and it makes for really exciting racing. Starting with a holeshot prime from the Wanoga Snow Park near the base of Mt. Bachelor. We sprint down techy single track all the way into town to the Tetherow Country Club. Near the end of the course theres a huge Big Air Jump on the driving range tee box of the resort. Quickly followed by a "Fastest on the Pavement" Speed trap prime before returning back to the range and a 16oz beer chug to finish it off.

I had a great start and nearly...nearly had the holeshot but at the last second Todd Wells went full supercross style and snuck in front of me right before the turn. The first section of trail, called Funner, is... well fun. It's got some rocks, some drops, a few split options and makes for some good battles. T.Wells, Adam Craig and I got to the bottom of the section together and crossed the the Cascade Lake Hwy in a small group. For the majority of the track we are on a trail called COD that is pretty pedaly but requires you to stay on your toes because you can quickly blow a turn and be in the shrubs. I was able to get away from Craig up high but was chasing Wells for most of the race. Carl Decker and Troy Wells caught me towards the bottom of the COD before we popped out to the golf course and start the last third of the track.

With the 3 of us battling it out and having a pretty solid gap to the next chasers, it made for some fun neck-n-neck racing. We were more or less wheel to wheel all the way to the bottom of the glass in the beer chug. I ended up finishing in 4th, which was my best result yet up there! Some rain rolled in later in the evening which forced the cancelation of the Arm Wrestling competition which cool with me, since my wrist wasn't completely healed post spill.

Come Friday AM we were up early and on the road to Carson City for the Fat Tire Crit to start the Off Road weekend up there. 7hrs of crushing pavement and we made it to the Pro Riders Meeting just a few minutes late. I ended up swapping tires and going back to my normal XC bike setup for the crib.

The 20min plus 3 lap race is really just a exhibition event to start the weekend off. It's for nothing more than glory and bragging rights but most of the field lays it on the line. I was able to surf the front of the group for the whole race and finish up somewhere around top 10.

The Capital City 50 finishes off the weekend tomorrow! Gonna be fun.

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