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Cascade Classic 2016

I had the idea to write some blogs every day this week but it's now day 3 of the race and I have no blogs...and I really don't have any cool photos either. It seems like all I have been doing since the race started is racing, eating (hence the pic burrito pic) and sleeping which I guess isn't a bad thing. Lots of calories burned and lots replaced.

I had been talking with the crew from Elbowz Racing during the TOC in Sacramento and they had talked about possibly doing Cascade. I had been wanting to do some road racing in the second half of summer and this wound up being perfect timing. Whenever I race with these guys, I'm strictly the worker bee. I'm more than happy to help get bottles, move guys to the front, protect, whatever they need. It's always good training for me so it's a win win.

Stage 1 was a 113mile fast, FAST road stage ending with an awesome climb up Mckenzie Pass. We were averaging 30mph for the first 100miles...whoa! I ended up getting dropped with about 5mi to go to the finish but that's cool, I'll take it. Happy to get the week started.

Stage 2 - The Individual Time Trial. So I obviously don't have a TT bike considering the last time I rode a Time Trial was 2012...hahaha. So I went Merckx style and rode the ole drop bar road bike. I was stoked to not finish last and I actually ended up being competitive with a couple of other guys on road bikes.

Stage 3 - Today's stage was the one I was most concerned about coming into the week. The stage started off with a climb from town and headed all the way to the base of Mt. Bachelor before dropping down towards La Pine. I was super stoked to make it over the climb with the main group. Won't lie, I was definitely working pretty hard but was still stoked to make it happen. We were able to conserve some energy for second half of the race to protect Tony and Kevin. Heading into the last 10mi we were looking good until Kevin and I got stuck behind a crash. Luckily Tony was in position and was able to crack off an 8th place, so we're all stoked for him!

Tomorrow evening is the downtown crit! Should be fast and fun. Hopefully I can get some more photos and I'll work on posting the rest of the week.

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